About Scalp D

1. Special Scalp D Prescription

The technology used for the development of scalp D differs from ordinary shampoo, which main purpose is to cleanse hair.
Scalp D is a shampoo created only using highly condensed ingredients that are necessary for scalp care.
Special Scalp D Prescription

2.Original Ingredients LACTOBACILLUS SOYMILK FERMENT Developed
by ANGFA Help Promote a healthy scalp

Besides clinical proved formula combines 16 specialized contents in order to energize root to tip,we add a brand new formula enriched with lactobacillus soymilk ferment of the highest quality and purity.

Blue Soybean

Blue Soy Bean:

Very rare race that only can be cultivated at the Tohoku region and part of Hokkaido. Comapre to yellow soy bean, blue soy bean also contains Vitamin A, carotene, has a significant effect as antioxidant and stench prvention.

Black Soy Bean

Black Soy Bean:

Black soy bean is known for its power for hair since ancient China. With similar components as yellow soy beans, black soy bean also has polyphenol which is known as antioxidant.

Yellow Soy Bean

Yellow Soy Bean:

With balcanced essencial amino acid ,it also includes lipid, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, Vitamin E, B1, folic acid and other nutrients.

3.Most Effective Penetration *1 of active ingredient
Expended-Lamella-Structure *2

Fulling intercellular gaps made ways for scalp nursing component to permeant more effectively.

Comparative analysis for hair growth promoting component *

Compared the permeant amont of applying shampoo and conditioner when consider Jet only applied as 1.

Expended-Lamella-Structure expends intercellular spaces by fulling it with moisturise. It creates an easier way for active ingredients to nutrient down to the bottom of skin, also makes a more balanced scalp environment .

*1 Till horny layer
*2 DilauroylGlutamate-Lyssodium, Cyclohexacarloxylatesbisethoxydiglycol(moisturizing ingredient)