ScalpDDeveloped in a clinic that specializes in hair and scalp treatment, Scalp D is the first Japanese shampoo that aims to cleanse your follicles.

What is Scalp D ?

What is Scalp D?

Our product presents groundbreaking development in the treatment of male pattern baldness and strengthening. Scalp shampoo is designed not only to cleanse one's hair but also to keep the scalp healthy. Through researching people who have problems with hair loss or thin hair, we noticed that one of the causes of those problems was dirt brought by excessive secretion from the sebum or from scalp disorders. Scalp shampoo takes measures against those problems.

What is the difference of Scalp D ?

What is the difference of Scalp D ?

Scalp D is a product focused on helping people with scalp disorders influenced by male hormones. It's a shampoo that consists only of ingredients specially designed for scalp care.The cleansing ingredient, which is a unique development of ANGFA, is no exception. Sticky hair, dandruff or odor from the scalp is likely caused by a disturbance in the balance of male hormones and can consequently be the cause of hair loss. If this sounds like what you are experiencing, try out Scalp D today and start seeing results.

Striving to give everyone his ideal hair!
Evolving together with medical advances!
Scalp D, the shampoo brand that’s always on the front line in the hair growth field!

Based on medical research on ingredients that can help hair care, we found that cleansing the scalp and applying these ingredients creates the best environment for hair growth. Our research is based on 238,000 clinical case studies. The very first version of Scalp D was completed in 2005 with collaborative research by specialists in various fields and institutions of hair. The product research and the development, which is based on cutting-edge technology and medical information, has been continuing ever since. In spring of 2016, we produced the 12th version of Scalp D.

  • Men's shampoo and hair-conditioner market share  1st Prize
  • Rakuten Ranking Best Sellers in total  1st Prize
  • Men's Club Cosmetic Award  1st Prize

*1.Men's shampoo market share No.1 for the 7th straight year!
In the Men's shampoo and hair-conditioner market, the Scalp D series has been deemed No.1 in market share for the years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 (researched by Fuji Keizai Co., ltd research center).

*2. Rakuten ranking best sellers in total No.1 for the 3rd straight year!
For the past three years (2010, 2011 and 2012), it has been the number one selling product on the world premium on Rakuten Ichiba, the biggest online shopping mall in Japan. It is one of the best sellers among the total 150 million items.

*3. In the magazine, Men's Club, No. 1 Cosmetic Award for the 2nd straight year!
For the June 2010 edition and August 2011 edition of the magazine Men's Club, Scalp D won the first prize in the gorgeous men's cosmetic award, hair-care category.

  • image01Developed by Japanese specialists in dermatology
  • image02Japanese cutting edge technology provides better hair growth results and is the global leader in the field.
  • image03The Scalp D series is one that is developed with the data of 1,500,000 clinical case studies behind it and through the co-operation of 16 medical doctors.
  • image04Developed in a clinic that specializes in hair and scalp treatment, Scalp D is the first Japanese shampoo that aims to cleanse your follicles.
  • image05Every year we produce a version better than the last. Sales for the latest version, the 12th generation, continue to grow.
  • image06Sold over 15 million units!

Our strength

Since our establishment in 1987, all our products have been developed in our laboratory with a team of doctors that work in co-operation with major Japanese hospitals, national research institutes (NPO), anti-aging research laboratories and professional hair clinics.

Our Team of Doctors

Our Philosophy

Angfa places its greatest emphasis on our product safety and security. We always keep in mind the importance of the role that cosmetics play in making people feel more beautiful and healthy. We are always seeking for the most outstanding, latest and best technologies. Our team of cosmetic research doctors has expanded their dermatological knowledge and innovated a number of products for the world of Japanese cosmetics for the past 10 years. Our latest research involves innovative anti-aging skin care products.